This is for my friends (and other people too!) who ask me what an earth is MA?, what are swaps?, what are you doing? etc...

MA is mailart. I stitch an envelope and send it abroad to someone (I get the name from the one who organizes the swap) and I also get an envelope somewhere around the world. Pictures shown on my page "swaps". I have finnish mailart swaps also (pictures too on the page "swaps").

When these great stitched envelopes are taken to the postoffice, the postladies (or men) sometimes don´t dare to sent the envelope without a cover or they don´t want to stamp the postmarks, as you can read below :)

Here are some stories about mailing the mailart envelope

* Lilian told: "Our "real"post office closed a year ago and now they just have a counter in a supermarket. Only ladies who work there. Mia's envelope was brought there. The lady said: I am not stamping this! Imight ruin it. You stamp it yourself! So I did :-D "

* I myself have this experience from January 2008 winter exchange: I went to the postoffice the 9th of January to mail an envelope I had stitched for Taffy, USA. The women in a post office admired my letter so, they wanted to put the plastig bag to cover the mailart. They said, they could not possible mail it without the cover. I wasn´t even sure if that is allowed? But what could I do. It was a situation two against me :) And so the envelope left with a "raincoat".